Advantages of Mobile Marketing

With its interactive, measurable, and direct features, mobile marketing represents an enormous opportunity and is fast becoming the marketing channel of choice for organisations of all types.

Mobile marketing is highly interactive and personalised and has a powerful and immediate impact. By integrating mobile technology into existing communication campaigns, businesses enable their customers to take advantage of special offers, cash in mobile coupons, obtain additional, relevant information and receive alerts about events.

Mobile marketing enables advertisers to send out custom-made and personalised multimedia campaigns to lists of targeted audiences—enabling customers to respond directly. A few of the attractive features of mobile SMS marketing include:

  • Anytime, anywhere communication that is direct and immediate
  • Can be targeted to particular audience groups based on age, profession or gender
  • Cost effective
  • Huge potential for viral marketing as customers tend to forward messages in groups
  • Can be easily integrated in cross-media including TV, print and radio

Anytime, anywhere Mobile Marketing

The highly portable nature of the mobile phone has changed the way people communicate. It makes customers and businesses available to each other anytime, anywhere and transactions can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No more waiting for week days and working hours. This provides a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reach out to customers at critical moments. Proximity and context are the two major factors that have a significant influence on mobile marketing.

Proximity: Because the mobile gadget is fixed on immediate location, there is enormous scope to tailor the communication to any particular location

Context: Because it is associated with where you are, communication can also be adapted and modified to what you could be doing at that specific place.

Bulk Mobile Marketing

Being able to send bulk SMS message to customers is a prominent feature of mobile marketing. It offers businesses several advantages including:

Cost effectiveness – Instead of sending individual letters or brochures to their customers, companies can choose to send bulk SMS messages to thousands of customers at a fraction of the price.

Time saving – Businesses no longer have to draft single messages and send them to individual mobile subscribers. Instead, one message is created, which is then sent to the targeted audience group based on the requirements of that group.

Effortless tracking – Delivery of messages and the elicited response can be tracked with existing systems. Immediate delivery- Text messages are received almost instantaneously. Considering mobile phone users carry their phones everywhere, they will receive the message within minutes if not seconds.